Founded in 2004, Bermo Group is the leader of premium residential real estate segment, completing villas and spacious and comfortable apartments in buildings that offer a high standard of living.

The projects completed until now in Arad and Cluj demonstrate that we are a serious real estate developer, wa property developer which completes successfully what he begins.

Security, privacy and comfort were transformed from simple statements in certain values offered by Bermo Group to its customers together with villas and apartments.

Today we can say that we are able to meet the demands of our educated and sophisticated customers in terms of investment: investment in the comfort of family, in privacy, in their own image, in economic security.

Despite the difficulties, we’ve shown the same seriousity and our capacity to build quality projects and to complete what we want. In 2009 we managed to complete three large real estate projects in Arad: Bermo Residence, Bermo Orizont and Bermo Ambient, bringing our customers the satisfaction of a modern housing, new apartments that offer quality housing they want, the satisfaction of an investment and also the satisfaction of having a safe and honest business partner.

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